I recently formed my own company with the goal of providing engineering services on a contractual basis.  I have the ability to work in your firm as part of a group, or deliver a complete QC'd design and planset working externally.

I believe in taking personal responsibility and treating each dollar spent as if it was my own, ensuring plans are clear and constructible, and providing assistance throughout the construction process.  This plan has led to many successful projects.

My experiences include:

Many of these projects were Design-Build (DB) low-bid awards, where the design also required focus on economical approaches, extensive coordination with contractors, and shared the primary goals outlined in UDOT’s Practical Design Guidelines.

Based on these experiences, I presented Four Bridges Removed and Replaced in 7 Hours Each at the International Bridge Conference (2010) and ABC Bridge Design and Construction Part I at the UDOT Engineering Conference (2010).

If you have any questions as to how I can assist you, please give me a call. 

- Jason Klophaus